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Microsoft Outlook Express
Email Configuration


This document will help you set up your Microsoft Outlook Express software to take advantage of the e-mail account we provide to you. Please note that although Outlook Express 4 and 5 are different versions, the instructions to set them up remain the same, and all of the screens look almost identical.

Step 1
Open Microsoft Outlook Express.
Your screen will look something like this:


Step 2
On the Tools menu, select Accounts.
The Internet Accounts dialog will appear.

Go over to the Mail tab to see if any accounts are already set up. If you aren't going to be using this software for any other e-mail service, remove any accounts that are there so the window is blank as shown here.


Step 3
Click the Add button and select Mail. You will be prompted to enter your name. Enter your name as you would like it to appear on messages you send out. When someone receives your mail, it will show that it came from whatever is entered here.

When you're done, click Next.


Step 4
Enter your e-mail address. Do this in the format and click next when finished.


Step 5
Now, you'll be asked to provide the names of the mail servers
you use. Here is the information you need to know:
• Your incoming mail server is a POP3 server.
• Both incoming and outgoing mail server names are
• as shown below.

Enter the information as shown here and click Next
when you've done this:


Step 6
Now you'll need to enter the following:
• Your Account name ( and password.
• We do not use Secured Password Authentication, so do not
• check this box.


Step 7
Now, click Finish to save all of your information!
That's all you needed to do.





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