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Web Modules
Our Pre-Built Library of Code Can Save You Money

Developing custom web applications is the core business of NELiX® Inc. We have developed hundreds of applications across almost every industry.

Through our long history of web based programming, we noticed trends and repetitive requests for particular functions like secure zones and online directories. Rather than continuously starting each project from scratch, NELiX® Inc. modularized these components to create a suite of common technologies that are ready for use. Our modular system allows us to provide you with standard functionality at a much lower cost than developing from the ground up like some development companies. Reusing the same libraries of code also ensures that NELiX® Inc. components are proven technologies which will consistently provide easy, maintenance free use. Plus, since all of our modules were developed by NELiX® Inc., we can also customize each one if you have unique requirements for your project.

A complete list of modules is below.
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Members Only Module
Membership Application Module
Membership Renewal Module
Member List Module
Email Broadcast Module
Event Builder Module
Survey Builder Module
Interactive Map Locator Module
Job Post/Search Module
E-News Module
E-Vote Module
E-Advertising Module
E-Donations Module
Site Search Module
Refer a Friend Module

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