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Database Development
LAN/WAN Based Custom Database Solutions

Our developers were writing applications and customizing databases long before the invention of the World Wide Web

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NELiX® Inc. is known for our state of the art web site development services. What many people do not know is that NELiX® Inc. logs thousands of hours each year working on custom database development projects. While most of our web site projects have database components, many of our database projects have no web components at all.

The databases we have developed touches on almost any industry For example, we have built:

  • Inventory & Fulfillment systems
  • Insurance Policy Writing systems
  • Order Entry systems
  • Equipment tracking systems
  • Advertising Agency management systems
  • Real Estate tracking systems
  • Stocks and Commodities analysis systems
  • Legal Case management systems
  • Human Resource Systems
  • Call Center management systems
  • Construction management systems
  • Data Warehousing systems
  • and many many others

Our developers have been building custom database applications long before the birth of the world wide web and are proficient in database platforms such as:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • FileMaker
  • 4D / 4th Dimension
  • MySQL
  • and many more






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