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"I am sending you this letter in appreciation of your hard work on our new web site along with all of the work you have done not only updating the web site but also the work your IT staff has done making our email redundant. You have a great staff there at Nelix and the only advice that I could send your way is to do what ever it takes to keep your current staff. To point out just a couple of individuals within your organization that I think have acted exemplary; Marvin Doolin whose creative abilities are insurmountable and Matthew Schwartz whose IT skills have made our systems run without question. Keep up all the hard work. "

Travis O. Johnson
Chief Operating Officer, Gamon International

"If a new or redesigned web site is high on your list of priorities, I highly recommend NELiX® Inc. for the job. I have found this web design and development firm to be innovative, easy to work with and committed to customer satisfaction. Many of their standard features, such as membership logins and registration sections, are set up and priced as modules. This allows you to upgrade a site both cost-effectively and efficiently, and eliminate development costs and the time involved in starting from scratch."

Michel Hudson, CFRE

"As you know, one of the benefits of being an AMC owner is that we often get to work on weekends. Somehow, it’s nice to know that sending an email with a “half-baked” idea is responded to quickly with a developed suggestion. These guys are great to work with. I hope you will consider giving them an opportunity to help you."

Judith K. Keel, ASI

"As a preferred supplier to many fortune 500 companies, our image and reputation means everything to us. And when it came time to develop our web site, we trusted that Nelix was the right company for us. Nelix was able to produce a world class web site while meeting our budget and time goals. In addition there in house programming talent was also able to add leading edge technology to our web site which has lowered our cost of doing business and increased our customer satisfaction."

John Stojka
Vice President Marketing, Fast Heat,

"As the owner of an Association Management Company with multiple clients and their divergent needs, I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed the whole process of developing a new web site for the Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME).
It is not often that one can work with professionals who understand that volunteers move slowly and that even good-intentioned deadlines can be bogged down in committee revisions. I knew what I wanted when we began. The Nelix team helped make my vision even better.

I would recommend your services – without reservation-- to anyone wanting professional help in presenting their web presence. You came in before deadline, at budget, and saved us from ourselves several times.

We’re “sold” on Nelix. We’re happy to share our experience with anyone wanting to discuss it."

Jo R. Sienkiewicz, CMP, CAE
President, Association Management Network, Inc.
Executive Director, FAME

"The Flash looks awesome. Good job. Designs look good as well. Boy you guys are good!"

Mike Cornelison, Cornelison Consulting

"Nets To You has designed many web sites over the past several years and has had the pleasure of working with Nelix on many projects for additional support. Their knowledge and expertise has been invaluable in assisting with scripting, co-location, and specialized support to our organization. They brought a whole new level of service with their project management style and development process and have enabled us to meet our goals in a timely manner. Due to Nelix's diligence and dedication we have been successful. I would recommend Nelix to anyone who needs that 'extra support'. They are a team you can count on to help make you a success."

Barry Blue, President of Nets To You

"I would like to thank you, Matt, George and the team at Nelix for your prompt handling of our server crash three weeks ago. As you know, the server crashed due to malfunctioning hardware, and we lost all of our web site and database functions. This all but shut down our business. Your immediate response to the problem including the obtaining of a temporary server solution, transfer of data and restoration of our web site may have saved our company. We appreciate your work, and look forward to continuing our relationship with Nelix."

Robert Faerber, Aurico Reports, Inc.
Vice President and General Manager

"I'd been hopping around from host to host for over two years, because I would sign up with one host that would have a great deal and great service initially, but after a while the service always plummeted as the hosting company would grow beyond their means, or who knows what was happening! Unanswered emails, voice mail messages were a standard thing just before I would be forced to look elsewhere. I signed up with Nelix and they've been great! There is hardly any downtime at all, and I always get great personal service. I've been here for two years and hopefully to stay for a long time! No more host hopping for me!"

Minna Kim Mazza,

"We like working with you and think you do a great job."
Brett Young, Quality Solutions, Inc

"I want to thank all of you for the excellent work you have provided us with our database. I know you often go above and beyond to help us."
Patricia Lomax, Diamond Insurance



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