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Reseller Program
Become a NELiX Inc. Reseller Today!

We owe much of our success to our resellers. When NELiX® Inc. was formed, we quickly initiated our Resellers program. This program helped us grow quickly. Because of this, our resellers program is extremely important to us. Therefore, the program is very aggressive with high payouts.

Members of the resellers program can resell NELiX® Inc. development services, web hosting services, and software

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NELiX, Inc. will contact you regarding your request. NELiX® Inc. reserves the right to refuse Reseller requests. By filling out this form, you agree to the following: The internet services rendered by NELiX® Inc. will not be used by the reseller (listed as "Company Name" above) for any illegal purposes and the reseller agrees to adhere to all laws of the United States when selling services. The reseller also agrees that NELiX® Inc. cannot be held accountable for problems the reseller's client has beyond the control of NELiX® Inc. The reseller understands the unstable nature of the Internet, and realizes that many factors can cause interruption of services, and NELiX, Inc. cannot be held accountable for factors outside of their control.




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