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Design Methodology
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NELiX® Inc. is dedicated to high-quality design and usability standards. Well-designed web media makes complex ideas manageable, improves communication and elevates your customer relations. By responding to each client’s needs and goals, each project results in a unique design and intuitive functionality. Your feedback throughout the process is integral to our success. Below is brief introduction of the process we use to create successful web sites.

Step 1 - Pre-Production
Before the rough concepts are developed, we plan out what ideas, elements and links will be chosen to represent your company’s
online identity. We create the blueprints of your site showing how the content fits together, making sure nothing falls through the cracks. This Flowchart simulates how the entire site will interact with the user. We also put together a milestone Timeline. This timeline includes deliverables from both the NELiX® Inc. web team and your web team. Laying the proper foundation for any project ensures deadlines are met and both parties are satisfied.

Step 2 - Design
Successful work comes out of a process of trial and error, allowing time to consider several approaches, trying them out and revising them. We present rough concepts or ‘comps’ within about two weeks of our meeting and ask for your comments. The more objective and specific you can be, the better we will be able to respond. Your feedback helps us refine the rough concepts into finished concepts. Our goal is to make you stand out in your industry. Our strength is in balancing visual excitement with clarity
and usability.

Step 1 - Development
The refined, expanded compositions are developed into functional web pages. Graphics are optimized for download speed and clarity. By developing a design system rather than simply creating layouts, we save hours of work in updates and maintenance, while giving users a consistent, rewarding experience.

Step 1 - Testing & Finalization
The NELiX® Inc. team performs a final walk through, combing the site for errors and testing functionality. Meta-tags are added for search engines. The client project manager is encouraged to edit content for accuracy. As soon as the hosting details are confirmed, the site is ready to launch live. NELiX® Inc. will submit the site url to the top search engines. Expect 4-6 weeks for the search engines to scan and insert your site to their database.



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